How to Ask “How Old are You” in Spanish

Learning Spanish can be a lot of fun especially when you try the newly learned language to make new connections. When getting close to someone, people tend to be conscious of how old the other person is.

Especially, when it comes to relationships and dealing with the opposite gender, one ends up asking the other’s age.

Therefore, the sentence “How old are you?” is an essential one. This phrase translates into Spanish as Cuantos años tienes. It’s pronounced as kwahn-tohs ah-nyohs tyeh-nehs.

Let’s break down this phrase so it might not seem too overwhelming. Here, Cuántos means “How many”, Años means “years”, and Tienes  means “do you have.”

The literal translation might seem a bit off but the phrase as a whole simply means, “How old are you?”

The same phrase in a more formal tone is Cuantos años tiene usted.

Another way to ask the same question in Spanish is Que edad tienes. Here, edad means “age.”

Both variations are correct and the slight difference between the two, on how the message is conveyed, can be depicted as:

Cuantos años tienes = How old are you?

Que edad tienes = What is your age?

With that being said, remember, it’s not always polite to directly ask someone’s age unless you are close to the person or it’s for formal reasons. Happy learning!

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