Fluenz Spanish Review

Ultimate Spanish Course for Professional Education
If you were looking for the most comprehensive Spanish course online, then Fluenz Spanish stands at the top of the pyramid. Not only is it popular among elites, fortune 500 companies and college grads, but it actually carries the content to hold its rank at the top!

FLUENZ Spanish could have been our top pick if it weren’t for the heavy price tag. That is where Synergy Spanish filled the gap. Fluenz Spanish unlike other online courses recommended above focuses on tapping all your senses during the interactive training session.

You get to Speak, Listen and write what you learn to ensure maximum memory retention. This has known to be the best approach to learn and Fluenz has used this in the best way possible.

With a beautiful online dashboard, PC and mobile apps, this Spanish course overcomes the boredom with beauty.

The tutor, Sonia Gil, herself adds life and color to the interactive video lessons by the explaining vocabulary and grammar aspects in each lesson. Her motivation and sheer encouragement can make you guilty if you ever decide to give up or quit while you are ahead.

The courses can be quite long, some going upto 2.5 hours. It can be quite difficult to hold concentration for that long but with thorough explanation, activity and training, Fluenz can grow you to the point you can compete in Spanish with a native of the same language.

What we really like about Fluenz Spanish is the way you are immersed into the culture while learning the language. It makes you understand this beautiful and poetic language.

The second most attractive thing about this online course is the emphasis it places on practice and assessment. You can literally call it your online tutor because it makes you accountable and attentive to what you learn.

This is in fact quite motivating since you do not want to disappoint yourself even though there is no one to compete with you.

What we don’t like about Fluenz Spanish is that it’s a video based course. Since they are serious about using multiple approaches such as workouts and assessment in each video, you cannot learn these from the audio files that are included in the course.

The audio files are abbreviated versions used to supplement what you learnt on video as revisions. Unfortunately, this would be quite disappointing for those who plan to learn the language while driving, at the gym etc…

AS such, this is not for someone who wants to simply go on a vacation to a Spanish speaking country and be able to speak Spanish (See Synergy Spanish for that matter). This is not for you if your intention to learn Spanish has nothing to do with passing an exam or impressing a professional (See Rocket Spanish).

If you have the need to be fluent at Spanish, primarily for your work or for professional interests, Fluenz Spanish would be the best course for you, online or offline. It requires a lot of discipline and perseverance to go through over 150 learning sessions which can take a toll, especially since you have to sit in place and watch through the videos.

Key Features

  • Instant Download online
  • Available on PC, MAC, Apple and Android devices
  • Digital flashcards included
  • 150 sessions of up-to 2.5 hours each
  • Video interactive lessons
  • Additional Audio MP3 lessons
  • Language workouts & exercises
  • Beautiful platform and dashboard design
  • Video lessons are interactive with a live tutor


  • Heavy download files
  • Primarily a video course – audio lessons are short to supplement the videos watched.
  • No free trial
  • Expensive price tag
  • Takes longer to learn through the entire material

What do others say about Fluenz Spanish

  • Fluenz can help you build a solid foundation in grammar, pronunciation, reading, and writing – PCMag.com
  • Fluenz does a competent job of simulating a high school or university language class. – language101.com
  • It could be said that Fluenz is one of best courses to start learning Spanish. – spanishcoursesonline.net
  • Maybe not the fastest way to learn a language, but there’s a great deal of content. Made for those who prefer an academic approach – alllanguageresources.com

Who is Fluenz Spanish Recommended for?

If you are looking to learn the language fast just to speak the language with the locals – maybe for a business trip or vacation, then we recommend Synergy Spanish. It’s a great course to help you start talking Spanish within hours.

If professional mastery of the language is important to you in terms of grammar, punctuation, vocabulary & quality of spoken Spanish, then you cannot go wrong with Fluenz Spanish.

If you are planning to professionally master the Spanish language, FLUENZ Spanish is a great start to the development of your Spanish learning, writing and speaking skills. You can consider it your personal Spanish tutor.

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