How to Say “Have a Good Day” in Spanish

Whether at work, school, or even home, we greet people a good day so many times unknowingly. It’s just a common phrase across every language.

Therefore, we shall learn how to say have a good day in Spanish as well. There is no one way to say so but the most common of them all is Que tenga un buen día; pronounced as tehng-gah oon bwehn dee-ah.

It can be broken down as:

Tenga = Have

un = a

buen = good

dia = day

The word que can be excluded if one wants as we often eliminate an article in English.

An informal approach to the same phrase will be Que tengas un buen día that pretty much means the same but is used to address a bachelor or a friend.

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To greet a good day to more than one person, you can say Que tengan un buen día.

Another common expression to wish a good day in Spanish is Que te vaya bien. This phrase also sits well if someone is leaving you are wishing him/her a good day.

By learning just one of the above variations, you can use it for any person, elder or younger, with few changes in pronoun. That being said, have a good day.

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