How Many Countries in the World Speak Spanish

Before we find out how many countries in the world speak Spanish, let’s go over some fun facts. With over 450 million native speakers, Spanish continues to be the 2nd most spoken language in the world.

It falls behind only Chinese having 1.3 billion native speakers but surpasses English which is the mother tongue of around 360 million peoples.

21 countries in the world speak Spanish as their native language with 20 of those countries having Spanish as their official language.

USA and Mexico have one of the largest Spanish speaking populations in the world alongside Spain. In fact, with 55 million speakers, the USA has more Spanish speakers than Spain does.

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1. Mexico

Despite Spanish being originated from Spain, Mexico has the most population of Spanish speakers. Mexico has a population of over 130 million among which 94% has Spanish as their mother tongue. This estimates the number of Spanish speakers in the country to be over 113 million.

2. Colombia

Colombia with a population of over 49 million has Spanish as its national language with around 47 million Spanish speakers.

3. Spain

Spain has 40 million-plus Spanish speakers. However, the Spanish here is divided into two dialects; Castilian dialect and Catalan Galician dialect. The former dialect is the major one in the country with 74% speakers while the later one has around 17% speakers.

4. Argentina

With a population of over 43 million, the official language of Argentina is Spanish. Although there are other languages spoken there as well due to the large immigration of Arabs, Germans, Italians, and French but Spanish remains the most spoken.

5. Peru

Spanish is the official language of Peru. In a population of more than 30 million, there are 84% Spanish speakers making it around 26 million speakers.

6. Venezuela

Bestowed with a ton of natural beauty, Venezuela is a land of many native languages. However, Spanish remains its official language with over 30 million speakers.

7. Chile

Almost the entire 18 million population of Chile is a pure Spanish speaker.

8. Ecuador
Located on the west of South America, Ecuador has a population of over 17 million people among which 93% are native Spanish speakers. In Ecuador, there are two different dialects of Spanish, named as Costa and Sierra Spanish.

9. Cuba

Famous for its exceptional Cohiba Cigars, Cuba is a busy travel and study destination for foreign students. It has a population of over 11 million with Spanish as its official language.

10. Guatemala

Guatemala is a country in Central America and has a population of over 17 million. However, only 60% of them have Spanish as their native language which makes a total of 10 million+ Spanish speakers. The remaining 40% speak other native languages.

Other Spanish speaking countries

  • Dominican Republic – 9 million native Spanish speakers
  • Honduras – 8 million native Spanish speakers
  • Bolivia – 6 million native Spanish speakers
  • El Salvador – 6 million native Spanish speakers
  • Nicaragua – 5 million native Spanish speakers
  • Costa Rica – 4 million native Spanish speakers
  • Panama – 2.5 million native Spanish speakers
  • Uruguay – 3.3 million native Spanish speakers
  • Equatorial Guinea – 500k native Spanish speakers

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