How To Say “Go to Sleep” in Spanish?

If you are visiting Latin America or any Spanish speaking country, you can’t always expect every market, hotel, restaurant, or organization to have English speakers to assist you.

Once you leave the city centers and luxurious 5-star hotels and travel towards the countryside, you’ll notice fewer English speakers and that is where a basic knowledge of Spanish comes in really handy. Let’s see how can we say go to sleep in Spanish.

Spanish word for “go to sleep” is vete a dormir (beh-teh ah dohr-meer).
Here, vete means “go away” and dormir means “to sleep.” When both connected, means go to sleep. This phrase, however, is usually used to address someone younger or informally, for instance, your friend or younger siblings.

A more formal and respectable way of saying “go to sleep” is vayase a dormir. If you want it to make shorter, you can simply say dormirse which means “fall sleep.”

So, that’s how you say go to sleep in Spanish. Try not to overwhelm yourself when learning a new language. Remember to take a rest and if you feel tired enough then vete a dormir amigo.

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