How to Tell Time in Spanish?

To learn how to tell time in Spanish can be more important than you think. Here are times when you will realize that regardless of which Spanish-speaking country you are in, most of your conversation will start with time.

It might be someone asking you about the time on a road or in a café, but mostly people communicate with each other for inquiring about time.

¿Qué hora es?

Means What time is it? If someone uses this phrase then it seems rude if you don’t reply or don’t know how to reply to that. We are going to explain you that how you can tell someone what time it is in Spanish:

In case someone you know it nay random person asks you

¿Qué hora es?

Then you are supposed to respond with the following:

Es la una

This should be your answer in case where the time is within the 1 o’clock hour. If you see that the time is after 1 o’clock then you can tell it to the other person as Son las.

– In case you are supposed to respond the time that is after the hour (for instance it is before half past the hour) you have to use y (and) ar the number of minutes.

– if you have to express the time 2:05 then you have to say San las dos y cinco.

– In case you want to explain the time which is after half past one hour, you can use the word menos (less) + the number of the following said hour in order to express the time before the next hour (after half past hour)

Son las cinco menos veinte.
(It is 4:40.)

– There are ways of expressing the time in numeric manner.

Son las cuatro y cuarenta
It states that the time is 4:40.

Here is a chart that is going to explain you the time with numerical that how can you refer various times in Spanish.

Time Spanish
noon el mediodía
midnight la medianoche
1:00 la una
2:05 las dos y cinco
3:10 las tres y diez
4:15 las cuatro y cuarto or las cuatro y quince
5:20 las cinco y veinte
6:25 las seis y veinticinco
7:30 las siete y media or las siete y treinta
7:35 las ocho menos veinticinco or las siete y treinta y cinco
8:40 las nueve menos veinte or las ocho y cuarenta
9:45 las diez menos cuarto or las nueve y cuarenta y cinco
10:50 las once menos diez or las diez y cincuenta
11:55 las doce menos cinco or las once y cincuenta y cinco

We hope that this guide will help you out in learning how to tell the time in Spanish, it is not as difficult as it seems like. You just need to practice it in order to get better at it.

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While you are living in a country where the people are Spanish speaking you should learn how to tell the time because this is an easy way of communication with so many strangers.

Hope we at SpanishEDURev have helped you learn how to tell basic time in Spanish. Leave your feedback for us to get better.

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