How to Say “Hello” in Spanish

How do you say hello in Spanish? Since you are here, it definitely means you are a beginner in the Spanish language. Knowing even some basic Spanish phrases such as this could be very useful if you are in a Spanish Speaking country.

So, let’s begin with the most simple greetings of all; a hello.

The Spanish word for ‘hello’ is hola.

Note that the “h” here is silent so we pronounce hola as oh-la.

Hola is an all-time standard word for hello that suitable in any situation, either formally or casually, and at any part of the day. Of course, you can mix hola with other Spanish words and titles like hola, buenos días (hello, good morning), or hola Señor (hello sir).

Another but informal way of saying hello is Ey that is equivalent to ‘hey’ or ‘hi’ in English. It’s a short and easy word but not recommended for formal greetings.

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Note that in Spanish culture, a handshake or a smile is considered a formal way of greeting someone. However, once people get close, Spanish people(especially in Spain) greet by kissing on the cheek. So, don’t be surprised if someone approaches to kiss you as well while greeting hola.

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