Synergy Spanish Review

Synergy Spanish teaches you to learn and speak this beautiful language with just 138 words. With the help of this online course, you learn to create combinations out of these 138 words to speak out what you have to say.

Developed by an ex-English teacher, Synergy Spanish converts English words and sentences into Spanish. This makes it easy for the learner to relate to and understand faster. It’s so easy to understand the break downs that you find yourself talking sentences from Day 1.

Although not as interactive as Rocket Spanish, the 68 Audio lessons are quick and comprehensive. The Printable Fast Action PDF is at 220 pages and quite comprehensive for those who prefer to learn more complex combinations with the 138 words.

One of the things disliked in this course is the repetition as you hear the same 138 words being repeated together in different combinations to make different sentences.

#Best for Travelers & Tourists: Synergy Spanish

If you are planning to go on vacation to a Spanish speaking country or just for a visit where Spanish is the native language, Synergy Spanish is the best online course for you.

Although the repetition can be a bore, that is what makes these words tick in your brain. It’s called retention from repetition. Once you are done with the course, you should be able to speak, read and understand the language quite easily.

Although Synergy Spanish comes with a mobile app, it is only for listen to Audio Files. Unlike Rocket Spanish, you do not get advanced tools such as Voice Recognition or Flash Cards.

With the $97 Synergy Video package, you get the Video Lessons as well for those who find it boring to learn from Audio lectures. We usually do not recommend the $145 (Video plus CD’s Package) since the extra cost would be a waste unless you do not know how to burn the CD’s yourself after downloading the videos to your computer.

Key Features

  • Free Trial to checkout
  • Easy to learn with only 138 words to keep in mind.
  • Simply English to Spanish conversions are a breeze to remember
  • Helps you speak the language FAST from Day 1
  • Ability to choose Audio vs Video (saves budget)
  • Mobile app is convenient
  • Perfect for beginners and frequent travelers


  • Less focus on language history and grammar
  • Dashboard looks slightly outdated
  • Audio files can be slightly boring due to frequent repetition

What do others say about Synergy Spanish

  • They do a pretty good job of teaching the language, building upon previous lessons, getting you to speak, and making it less stressful. –
  • I still use what I learned in Synergy Spanish every single day while living and traveling in Latin America. It gave me a strong foundation. –
  • It can be said that Synergy Spanish is a good choice program for travelers. –
  • We wish to thank Marcus Santamaria for this wonderful gift to the human community. –

Visit Synergy Spanish Official Website or Check Out the Free Trial.

Why Choose an Synergy Spanish over Free Lessons to Learn Spanish?

It’s the structure. These online courses are structured in an order that helps you confidently progress to each new level whilst building up on what you previously learnt.

If you were to start learning Spanish with free lessons and videos online, where would you start from? What would be the first thing to start with?

You can simply search for selective things such as “How to say Hi in Spanish” but what if you were in a native spanish speaking country and you need to ask questions such as “Where can I get milk” or “Where is the nearast station?”

May you want to know what others are talking in front of you. Could you type up what they spoke in front of you?

The structure in a good language course like Synergy Spanish is programmed in a way that you start from what is required first to build up your foundation on the language without confusing you right away.

This makes sure you get to use and act on what you learn from Day 1 without complicating it further. It helps you not only speak the language, but also to read and understand. More professional courses can help you write Spanish as well.

Who is Synergy Spanish Good for?

If you intend to learn the basics of Spanish just so you can travel with the knowledge of the language to converse freely with the locals, then Synergy Spanish is highly recommended. It teaches you to speak the language fast and quite easily with a few words to remember in comparison. You don’t have to bore yourself with the technicalities of the language. It’s also cheaper than the other Spanish courses online.

If you are planning to professionally master the Spanish language, FLUENZ Spanish is a great start to the development of your Spanish learning, writing and speaking skills. You can consider it your personal Spanish tutor.

Whichever online Spanish course you decide to go with, be it Synergy Spanish, Fluenz or any other course – we advise you stay focused until you complete the program to get best results.

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